Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Episode 8: Mama and the Fellerbuncher

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Episode features:
  • Intro
  • Mother's day
  • Mother earth
  • Week in review -
  • Rally Saturday 9th; savelot450
  • Mothers Unite for Mother Earth
  • Audio: Lesley Thorsell - Mothers Unite for Mother Earth; Judi Tyabji, Robert Colasanto Photography
  • Media Slant - "Environmentalists aim to block logging"
  • Audio: Jenny Garden - organizer; Ruben Richards (forestry industry); Jason Down - sylviculturalist
  • Links - Powell River Forest Coalition, http://www.savelot450.com/ , #savelot450, #stopIT
  • Audio: Judi Tyabji - Pebble in the Pond
  • Cutthroat trout (Amphibiographer -Terry brown)
  • Song: Cameron Twyford - Fellerbuncher
  • Dr. Seuz, The Lorax
  • Song: Cameron Twyford - BC Logger's Walz
  • Audio: Jenny Garden - Private Managed Forest Land Act - approaches, actio
  • SONG: Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bdMSCdw20
  • Audio: Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)
  • Outro


Sun. May 10, 2015
                Bulk Food Order Deadline - Skookum The Abundant Pantry Bulk-Buying Club
Mon. May 11
Free Shamanic Power Initiation & Open House hosted by the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. In Vancouver, 7:30PM. RSVP at info@shamanicmedicine.ca www.shamanicmedicine.ca
Tues. May 12
            Birding workshop, for Lot450; noon - timberlane track
A Night With Grizzlies: 7PM, Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver with Chris Morgan, 
Wed, May 13, 2015
        Canadian Environmental Laws Presentation; 7-9 PM; Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sechelt
              Hearts Content Organic Farm Volunteer Tree Planting Spree
Wed May 13-15
                Renewable Cities - Global Learning Forum - Vancouver, BC
May 16th
                PRMOS 3rd Annual Community "WALK-ABOUT"