Sunday, July 12, 2015

Episode 17: Chatting with Tom Nagy


On today's episode, we will be airing a feature interview with one of the most influential people in my life: dear friend and permaculture actionist Tom Nagy! What a privilege to be able to have him on my show! Tom and I met when I was living in Burlington, Ontario: 2009. For months, everyone I met in Burlington would find out about my interests and tell me "you've got to meet Tom Nagy!" Eventually, I did, and we became friends pretty much instantly, went on many hikes, and foraging adventures, and even went on a road trip, summer of 2009, from Burlington, ON to Powell River, BC, which is where I am right now, broadcasting this show. So, thank YOU Tom Nagy, for landing me in this beautiful coastal town. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Southern Ontario, Tom is now back in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, doing a number of fascinating things, and he will be joining us on air today, to talk about his exciting endeavours! So, without further ado, let's go to the interview!

* Interview with Tom Nagy, Part 1
* Song: CAN - Future Days
* Interview with Tom Nagy, Part 2

Events: July 12th - July 19th, 2015

* PR - Garden of Earthly Delights| 7-9 PM| Artique (4722 Marine Ave)| free | Ursula Medley | Opening reception to showcase recent paintings by Ursula Medley featuring the garden as landscape. Powell River musicians Bob Drage (guitar) and Lowell Morris (flute) will provide an entertaining mix of light classical jazz and popular favourites.
*PR - THURS JULY 16 @ 5PM TO SUN JULY 19 @ 5PM (WOMEN ONLY SESSION)| YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN HOME WITH COB |$200 PER PERSON | For more info or to register, email or call 604 414 0972.
* COMPOSTING PET WASTE| 1PM-3PM | 4752 JOYCE AVE (BEHIND THE CRC)|FREE Workshop sponsored by the PRRD & Let’s Talk Trash | Marika Smith, Executive Director of Victoria’s Compost Education Centre will introduce workshop participants to the Green Cone.
* Sooke, BC - Sooke Region Farm Tour 2015 | 11 am – 5 pm | $15 (Free for ages 12 and under)
Come experience “hands-on farming for a day”! This self-guided fundraiser features 9 bountiful working farms of the Sooke region. Meet regional growers on their home turf, see what they do best and walk away with the freshest picks of the season and tons of knowledge about local agriculture.
* Hamilton, ON - Tom Nagy - Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk | Come out and explore the fields and forests of Heart’s Content farm in search of seasonal plant delicacies and herbal remedies, learning how to identify, collect, process and utilize these species to their full potential and recognize the habitats in which they are likely to be found.