Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mushroom Workshop series with Willoughby Arevalo, of Radical Mycology

Dear Powell River...
You're in for a mushroomy treat!

April 8th & 9th, 2016

Willoughby Arevalo will be coming to Powell River in April, 2016! He's joining forces with Vegetation Station to bring you some amazing events! :D

1) Mushroom Foray - Field trip
2) Sex Life of Mushrooms - Lecture/Performance/Social
3) Mushroom Cultivation -2-Part Workshop

Read on for Event Descriptions and Registration

Event descriptions:

1) Walking the Mycelial Web
Event: Mushroom foray
Date & Time: 10AM-2PM, April 8th, 2016
Location: Wildwood area (meeting site TBA to participants)
Cost: $40-60/person (sliding scale)
A participatory, field-based workshop geared towards all levels of experience, covering: Core Skills for Mushroom Identification, Mushroom Names and Meanings, Fungal Ecology, Culinary and Medicinal Applications, Ethical Harvesting Practices, Traditional & Contemporary Uses, Cultivation and Mycoremediation Potential. Participants will come to understand the roles that fungi play in symbiosis, succession and regeneration, and how we can ally with fungi to increase resilience in our living systems and communities.
Event is finished

2) The Sex Life of Mushrooms (and other delights) - Mushroom Performance / Social 
Event: Performance, followed by a mushroom social!
Date & Time: 7-9 PM, April 8th, 2016
Location: Base Camp
Cost: By donation, $8-18
Fungi express brilliant sexual diversity in form, spore dispersal methods, life histories, partnerships and mating types. Therefore, they provide a model by which to compare the sexuality of humans and reflect on our sexual practices and social constructions of sex, gender, and family. Integrating experimental music and spoken word, Willoughby presents a juicy, in-depth, innuendo-laden personification of the life cycle of mushrooms, and sheds light on some of the queer and ecosexual ways that fungi procreate, celebrating the evolutionary advantages of sexual diversity.
Event is finished; see coverage here!

3) Mushroom Cultivation Workshops
Event: Two workshops
Date: April 9th, 2016
Location: Townsite
Cost: $40 ea. or both for $75
PART 1: Intro to Mushroom Cultivation—Spawn-Making and Indoor Fruiting (10AM-12PM)
Learn foundational principles of working with fungi. Learn the most simple and affordable techniques to clone a mushroom, expand the mycelium from liquid culture, to grain spawn, to fruiting substrates and encourage the growth of mushrooms, all with simple, accessible tools and without the need for a lab space.
Event is finished - registration required, see below.
PART 2: Ecological Mushroom Gardening for Abundant Food and Vibrant Soil  (1PM-3PM)
Apply spawn-making skills from the earlier workshop, integrating mycelium and mushrooms into land through a variety of hands-on projects including beds, logs and containers. By mimicking fungal ecology in our installations, we can help to establish self-supporting and regenerative living systems.
Event is finished - registration required, see below.
Note: Location generously sponsored by Sycamore Commons!

Photo cred: Peter McCoy

Registration is required for the foray and workshop events; see "spaces available" for each event.
Participants may arrange registration w/ Ioni Wais at 416-707-934two or at
Registrations must be paid in cash or by interac e-transfer for space to be held.
Registrations will be refundable up to 2 weeks before workshops, and transferable beyond that point.

Attend the Foray, Performance and both Workshops for $123!
Please note: we are currently looking into scholarships for the foray and workshops...
Any business or community groups wanting to provide a scholarship, please contact us below!


Great news! If you're a member of the Skookum Food Provisioner's Co-op, you're eligible to get 20% of your registration paid for! Skookum has set aside $200 for this purpose, so claim your 20% off ASAP by letting us know. If you're not a member, consider joining: a lifetime membership for $20

Photo cred: Peter McCoy
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