Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Sex Life of Mushrooms

The Sex Life of Mushrooms - Mushroom Performance / Social 
By Willoughby Arevalo, of Radical Mycology
(April 8th, 2016; Base Camp)

Listen to the audio here

Fungi express brilliant sexual diversity in form, spore dispersal methods, life histories, partnerships and mating types. Therefore, they provide a model by which to compare the sexuality of humans and reflect on our sexual practices and social constructions of sex, gender, and family. Integrating experimental music and spoken word, Willoughby presents a juicy, in-depth, innuendo-laden personification of the life cycle of mushrooms, and sheds light on some of the queer and ecosexual ways that fungi procreate, celebrating the evolutionary advantages of sexual diversity.

Audio equipment from another dimension
Getting set up and chewin' the chaga with Bolete Joe!

A beautiful Agarikon specimen (Laricifomes officinalis)

Reishi mushroom microphone
Having fun with it