Wednesday, October 12, 2016

UPCOMING: Sycamore Commons Work Bee

Sycamore Commons Community Work Bee

This has been a great season at Sycamore Commons. Every year more food is produced, more people benefit, and more folks get involved. And this is the only way we can keep this good thing going and continue to grow it for the years ahead!

To wrap up the season, we are holding a community work bee on Saturday October 15 from 10;00 am to 4:00 pm. We will have a variety of activities on the go from planting in some new edible trees, shrubs and perennials, some winter annual veggie planting, some composting, installing a more skookum deer fence, a bit of fall pruning, and whatever else we can get our hands and hearts into!

These are really fun events where you can also pick up new gardening skills and network with other community minded folk. We’ll have a big pot of soup on and snacks throughout the day. Folks are invited to come for whatever time they have available. There is always a range of work for all levels of energy and experience. Kids, dogs, great grandparents and long lost cousins are all welcome too!
If you don’t already know, Sycamore Commons is located at 6310 Sycamore Street in Townsite.

See you this Saturday!
PS - We have some very cool plans taking shape for 2017 including the construction of an earth bag and natural plaster shed, a “pee bale” outhouse, and loads of great workshops and activities. Come chat about these initiatives and more...