Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Plant Walk - Cease Wyss

On October 16, 2016, Cease Wyss gave a well-attended and thoroughly enjoyable walking tour. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm were plentiful, and her stories were captivating. I'd like to thank Cease for such a brilliant and informative plant walk; I learned a whole lot about a place I walk or cycle through almost every day! She brought plants to my attention that I had never seen here, and taught me to see familiar plants in a totally new way. Thank you for bringing your light and love to our community!

“The language of plants is extensive. It carries on even beyond our abilities as humans to even imagine, because they are the second oldest beings on the planet. They are our teachers. They tell us what they are good for. They tell us in their shapes, they tell us in their colours and in their textures. You become more insightful about your bodies when you learn more about the medicines growing around you.” -- Cease Wyss

Cease Wyss (A.k.a. Indigenous Plant Diva), Skwxw’u7mesh/Sto:Lo/Hawaiian & Swiss Nations, is an Ethnobotanist, Media Artist, Educator and Activist. Cease has been building her long term relationship with all things plant-life for 30 years. She currently is the project coordinator for Harmony Community Gardens. She is also the owner and operator of Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co/RHTeaCo. Cease continuously promotes sharing knowledge and culture with diverse communities in the unceeded territory of her people and beyond.