About Us


Vegetation Station is an interpretive media hub centered around People, Plants and Place, based out of Powell River, BC. It's a veritable garden-salad of gardening, herbalism, homesteading, ecology, food security, plant mythology, nutrition, mycology, and more!

Vegetation Station strives to interpret the world of plants and fungi through stories and science, using diverse media to engage and educate. Stay tuned for interviews, music, garden talk, community events, and botanical musings of every flavour as we explore the endless ways that plants tie into our daily lives!

About Ioni Wais

Ioni is a community animator living in Powel River, BC with a focus on Media, Nature and Interpretation. His wide range of interests and skills have resulted in countless collaborations with community organizations and institutions, as well as some neat solo projects! Get in touch to find out more :D

Call: 416-707-934two
or e-mail: vegetationfm@gmail.com

Author, loving the fungus among us.