Resources: Fungi Books

Fungi Books
Welcome to this resource page of fungi-related books. For fungi-related websites, please see this page. Below are a number of titles for suggested reading. Got your own favourites? Drop us a line!

Cultivation / DIY / Engaging with Fungi
Radical Mycology | Peter McCoy | Reference book covering many aspect of fungi; highly recommended!
Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms can Help Save the World Paul Stamets | Classic guide to fungal ecology and mycoremediation
Organic Mushroom Farming & Mycoremediaton: Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation | Tradd Cotter | A vast array of low-tech DIY methods, equal parts classic & cutting-edge!

Mushroom ID / Exploration
Mushrooms Demystified | David Arora | Keys and guides to more than 2000 species of fungi!
All That The Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Field Guide David Arora | Travel accompaniment to Mushrooms Demystified
> Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest | Joe Ammirati & S. Trudell | Compact & useful guide
Common Mushrooms of the Northwest: Alaska, Western Canada & the Northwestern United States | J. Duane Sept | Great resource from the Sunshine Coast
Notes from the Leading Edge: A Supportive Field Journal for Learning and Documenting Fungal Taxonomy | Mara Fae Penfil | Learn to experience and document mushrooms

> The Outer Spores: Mushrooms of Haida Gwaii mushrooms of Haida Gwaii | Paul Kroeger, Bryce Kendrick, Oluna ?eska, and Christine Roberts


> Radical Mycology ZinePeter McCoy
The Fungal Pharmacy | Robert Rogers | Introduction to over 300 species of medicinal mushrooms
The Fungal Pharmacy        Cover for The Triumph of the Fungi
Trees, Truffles and Beasts | Chris Maser
Wild Mushroom Cookbook | Alison Gardner & Merry Winslow